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Lexie Carver, a Horror writer. Poetry, Short stories, Photography


These aren't your mother's horror stories. Get ready for strong female characters and dark mindscapes of horror.

Welcome to the Dark

Below you will find teasers to some of the stories and poems featured in my horror books as well a radio interview with Kettle Whistle Radio. My photography is also on this website.  Stay tuned for more information about my 2019 book tour. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, @Lexie_Carver, for my horror recommendations. Mwah. XOXO- Lexie

Short Story Highlights. Click on the Book Cover to Purchase.


Death Proof

Hear a sales pitch about a way to live forever.

A Fine Day for Murder

Get inside the mind of a killer.

Exact Change Only

Go on a bus ride you’ll never forget.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Those silly kidnappers should have listened to that old adage. Nothing is what it seems here.

Never Fear, Bobo's Here

The most inept clown meets an unstoppable force.


Get ready for one sexy and sassy narrator as she shows you love and speed dating from a unique perspective. Things get a little heated in this one.

Lexie Carver's Interviews

Poem Highlights. Click on the Book Cover to Purchase.


A Princess Among the Wolves

A symbolic fairy-tale infused poem of destiny.


An ancient being finds relief from his suffering in the strangest of places.

Be the One I Saved

A villain tries to be the hero in the end.


A love so twisted it has to be read to be believed. horror fiction writer lexie carver


A couple on the run from everything but themselves.

Let's Find Out

A woman tired of being downtrodden dares to dream of a different life with someone else.

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